Handpainted & Embroidered Wallpaper

Silkcastle is one of the earliest companies developing handpainted wallcoverings. We have our own factory and nearly a hundred professional painters. Our products have been mainly exported to the United States, Europe, Australia and other countries in the world, and you can also appreciate our chinoiserie handpainted collection in five star hotels and high-end villas in China. 

Except from handpainting on traditional silk, we also developed handpainting on different bases, such as, vinyl wallpaper, wood veneer, handwoven grass and bamboo, gold and silver foil with silk base, leather and fabric and etc. Different design motifs combined with different kinds of base materials stress both and make our handpainted wallcovering and mural a brand-new and a unique whole. We also apply both traditional techniques like embroidery and new techniques to make our products with stronger visual and tactile appeal.
In the future, with more subversive creativity, our handpainted wallcoverings, mural, and home deco accessories will be adorned with a light of postmodernity as well as neo-chinoiserie.

Silkcastle, always delight your eyes and color your life!